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Designed for urban life communication.

Simple. Multifunctional. Taking local interaction to the next level.

What is

Kietsy is a location based communication app designed to enhance the way we communicate with the people around us.

You can write posts and reach other users within your surroundings in real-time. Unlike with other apps, you don't have to follow or befriend other users. You can receive other users' contents by merely being around them.

Kietsy also aggregates public content from other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Wikipedia (more sources to come), which will show up in your feed if it is related to your location.

Why is kietsy important?

We invented kietsy simply because we realized that urban communication is still a hassle when it comes to reaching people in our proximity. Posting notes on walls and street lights whenever we are looking for our lost cats seems to be defying the possibilities of current technology.

We crawl the Internet to explore and comb magazines to find out what is happening next door, only to realize all to often that the information is already outdated or irrelevant to our needs.

We really want to fix this. With a tool that will help people to talk more easily about the things they care about with the people around them. And by creating opportunities to engage in.

Many possibilities!


Find out what people are posting around you and get a feel for your neighborhood.


Talk, share, and engage with your surroundings instantly — no matter if there are 2 or 20,000 users around you.


Choose any location in the world and find out what people are talking about right now. Kietsy is your glocal connection.

Get Notified!

Define hashtags within a predefined area — anywhere in the world — and get notified as soon as other users talk about them.

Kietsy at a glance

Write posts and reach users around you in real-time
Change location and see what people are posting on-site
Define hashtags and get notified whenever they are used in posts
Contact users and message them privately
Get posts from Instagram, Twitter, or Wikipedia related to your location
Follow users, places, areas, or posts to keep track of new content
Filter and sort content according to your individual interests
See on the map where posts have been uploaded

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